Tightrope #2 (Tightrope Duet Book #2) by Maddie Wade – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


Tightrope #2 is the second book in the Tightrope Duet by Maddie Wade. It is the highly anticipated conclusion to the brilliant story that began in Book #1- the one that had me so twisted up in knots, and that had slammed my emotions around from one page to another- the same one that had ‘that ending’!! I was sooo desperate to get my hands on this book, because I NEEDED to find out what happened. This story really is everything I could have hoped for, and definitely every bit as good as book #1- but again, so full of surprising and unexpected developments that had me twisted up inside, again- while I devoured the pages, on this incredible ride. This story picks up where the last one left off… and drew me in, right from the beginning. I am having trouble finding the words to do it the justice it deserves… It’s really superb!!!

So if you haven’t read book one, you really need to do so before starting on this story, because of the continuing storyline.

I always love everything Ms. Wade writes, and I really think this duet is one of her best pieces of work- and one of my firm favourites.

I wonder what Ms. Wade has in store for us next? Whatever it is I am certain it will be excellent!



Thank you, Ms. Wade!

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