Belleza and the Brute: A Modern Day Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Jane Matisse – Review By Chantelle Smith

Belleza and the Brute: A Modern-Day Retelling of Beauty and the BeastBelleza and the Brute: A Modern-Day Retelling of Beauty and the Beast by Jane Matisse
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Belleza and the Brute is a standalone novel from author Jane Matisse. This is my first read from this author and I’m so glad that I got the chance to read this. I can’t wait to see what else this author brings, and how her other books compare to this one but I’m excited to find out!

This book was compelling, intriguing and I cannot say how much I enjoyed this read. I loved that it was a take on Beauty and the Beast, but it also had it own unique spin to it that I really enjoyed.
This book was romantic, steamy, sweet and at time entertaining and funny. But also maybe little predictable but that didn’t take away how much I enjoyed this read. I wouldn’t change anything about it. There was time in this read that a twist was thrown in that threw you, but it also gave this story an added depth. But you cannot ignore that there was something real and raw with this book with the nightmares and memories of Tristan’s and Elena’s past but also the thoughts and feeling that Tristan was feeling throughout this book. But there was also something with the vulnerability that he has that made you love him even more.
Elena was most definitely the best thing that could happen to him, with them both experiencing pain and lost within each of their lives they found something within each other that connected them on a deeper level and I think she is exactly what Tristan needs to overcome and more forward from his past.
Elena brings something and make him feels things he never wanted of thought he deserved to feel again, but you could help but just wish Tristan would stop being so stubborn and except his feelings that he knew were not going away and just except the inevitable.

Elena really knew how to pack a punch, she tested Tristan at points and also made him smile and laugh. They have a great chemistry that starts of slow and then ignited and cannot go ignored. I really think that it makes their relationship even more real for the fact that all the have faced and experienced they understand the hard times and except it from each other.

We cannot forget to mention the secondary characters that come into this read. Let’s first say if it wasn’t for Adam, Tristan and Elena would never get to where they are today, but I would love to read about his journey he takes after the events of this read. Also how amazing are Paola and Keith, they bring another level of excellence to this read and the journey our two main characters make. And lastly the shady Daniel, from the moment he spoke to Elena in the library and basically insulted books and reading I disliked him and he continues to prove so through the book in which you will, have to read in order to find out!

This was an incredible read, that if written would love to read another story about Elena & Tristan to see where thegy have come in their journey together, but until then (hopefully) do not miss this wonderful, compelling and brilliant read!

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