Blind Magic (The Sanctuary Chronicles Book #2) by India Kells – Review by Angela Hayes

Blind Magic (The Sanctuary Chronicles #2)Blind Magic by India Kells
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5 Stars

Blind Magic is the second book in The Sanctuary Chronicles by India Kells. OMG!! This Book, and Series is brilliant! I love everything about it, but especially the wonderful story that completely enchanted me right from the beginning and held me spellbound right through till the end. I couldn’t put it down, because I just had to know how things would play out- so I ended up reading it in one sitting! Ms. Kells weaves a breathtaking Paranormal/shifter story with werewolves, witches, spells, magic, suspense, intrigue, drama, mystery, and a really beautiful romance.
This story could be read as a standalone, but I really recommend reading the first book before embarking on this one, because there are a lot of recurring characters in this book who we meet in the first book, and a lot of backstory and character information is also contained in the book one. Not to mention that it’s an exceptionally good story in its own right. The epilogue at the end of book one set us up for book two, and becomes the prologue in this book.
I am still in awe of all the seemingly small details that are intricately woven throughout the story that turn out to have unexpected connections and deeper meaning later on down the line. The story is so superbly written, wonderfully detailed, with vivid descriptions that help to bring everything into being. I was completely swept up in Sera and Ian’s story and followed along expectantly the whole way through.
We met Sera in book one as she is one of Valeria’s best friends. Apart from being a powerful witch, Sera is a renowned scholar and researcher, who spends a great deal of time with her nose buried in the books at Impossibilities Inc, the specialty store for witches and magical beings, where Sera works. She is incredibly intelligent, loyal, and kind- with a bit of a stubborn streak. She has worn glasses for quite some time, as her eyesight has been slowly failing over the years. She expects that at some point she will lose it entirely- but she is completely unprepared when blindness strikes quite suddenly. It comes as a great shock and she has been having trouble adjusting to never seeing again- especially since the last thing she saw before losing her sight was the dark and intriguing werewolf she can’t help but feel drawn to and would love to look at some more.
Ian Macon’s world was shattered several years earlier when his wife and young daughter were killed by rogue Enforcers. His rage nearly made him feral. He was broken, alone and became bitter towards everything and everyone. Asher brought him to the Sanctuary and gave him a place there, where he could make a difference helping others. Ian is now the beta to Asher’s Alpha of the pack. He is strong, powerful and commanding in his own right, but still a shell of the wolf he once was. His one true mate died- so he will never again find that connection with anyone else, that bond died with his mate. But meeting Sera was like a beacon shining through his darkness, beckoning him into the light.
But one thing I have learned about Ms. Kells is that things are never simple, there are layers and complexities yet to reveal themselves. There is definitely a lot more to Sera and her situation, which we discover and that comes into play in a huge way. Ian can’t fight his attraction, or his protective feelings towards Sera- and even though ‘mixed’ relationships are outlawed by the governing council, sometimes fate has a mind of its own. But, danger is stalking Sera, putting her and all those she cares about in serious peril. She will have to find answers and get to the bottom of everything before it’s too late. But will she have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the one/s she loves?
There were time through this story where I had my heart in my mouth, reading along anxiously as things played out! The suspense, mystery, tension and intrigue were superb! It was so well done, it was like having a movie play out in front of me. There were emotional points throughout the book, that really made my heart ache- but the last few chapters had me literally sobbing my heart out- I was so caught up in everything that was happening, the story broke me and flung my emotions all around the place, before Ms. Kells slowly pieced me back together again…. And I. Loved. Every. Single. Moment. Of. It!
I can’t recommend this story highly enough! You really should do yourself a favour and grab a copy, because you’re sure to love it as much as I have!
The next book in the series is “Dead Magic”- Finn and Violet’s story_ and I am so excited to find out about these two!! This book can’t come quickly enough!!!

Bravo, and Thank you Ms. Kells!

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