Moments That Define Us (Gray Ghost, #0.5) – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Moments That Define Us (Gray Ghost #0.5)Moments That Define Us by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Moments that Define Us by Amy McKinley is a Gray Ghost prequel, and WOW after already reading the first two books I wish I had read this beforehand. It really set things in my mind about what I had already read with the full books. This is a short read, but I will state that this book REALLY packs a punch and so many emotions in this story. This really shows that life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. This is the story of Jack and Jenni.
Five homeless guys living in abandoned building have become family and decide to protect the community in which they call home. When Jack isn’t protecting his home and community he spends his time with Jenni, who happens to be the sister of a local drug dealer. Now Jenni is caught in the middle, between her love of Jack and her love of her brother.
This book is POWERFUL and action packed, I recommend it to those that have already read the first two books in this series or to anyone wanting to dive into an amazing series. Amy McKinley really set the stage for a great read and a great series. I cannot wait to read MORE!

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