Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 by Maddie Wade – Review by Shannon Fowler

Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 (Fortis Security Series)Phoenix Rising: A Fortis Security Novel Book 7 by Maddie Wade
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Imagine my surprise when I finished this book and found out that it was book 7 in the series. The beginning few chapters referenced characters that were clearing introduced in other books and I had my suspicions that I was missing something. However, I was able to understand the story line, so I continued reading. I could tell which characters were clearly the good guys and which ones needed to go. Other reviews say that this can be read as a stand-alone, I don’t really agree because you don’t get the back story of Rhea Winslow. Even Megan’s back story isn’t told in this book. So, I definitely think the books should be read in order. I do think this book is worth the price. Since this is my first book by Maddie Wade I am intrigued enough to read the others in this series.

This story was adventurous and dangerous and sexy. Daniel and Megan are hot together. I am not sure if these two are in the other books but wow they are good in this one. The other characters, the rest of the Fortis Security team, are amazing, entertaining, loveable. I know I am going to read the rest of this series. You should too!

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