Rescued by the Captain by Laura A Barnes – Review by Shannon Fowler

Rescued By the Captain (Romancing the Spies, #1)Rescued By the Captain by Laura A. Barnes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“It all started with a kiss in the rose garden.”

Sigh. This is a sweet story set in the early 1800’s. There’s no texting or phones calls. Information was passed by word of mouth. The major way of transportation was by sea or horseback. Simple injuries and sickness could easily turn to death. Reputations were easily ruined and virtues could just as easily be preserved. There were pirates and unscrupulous people everywhere. These people add to the mystery and adventure of this story.

I enjoyed this story. The main characters, Thorn and Ivy, seemed in tuned with each other. Even in their love confused state. Thorn and Ivy are perfect for each other even if there are a few years between them. Thorn and Ivy are characters that learn not everyone is honest and true. This story was easy to read and with minor characters like Sammy, this story is complete.

This is my first book by Barnes but will not be my last as I am looking forward to Maxwell’s and Charles’ I stories. I hope to read that Thorn and Ivy have more adventures together as well. Barnes makes “being rescued” something we all should want!

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