Rescued By the Scot (Romancing the Spies Series Book #3) by Laura A. Barnes – Review by Angela Hayes

Rescued By the Scot (Romancing the Spies #3)Rescued By the Scot by Laura A. Barnes
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4 Stars

Rescued by the Scot is the third book in the Romancing the Spies series by Laura A. Barnes. This has been an interesting and fun series to read. Although the stories contain quite a bit of drama and violence- and I was held in suspense quite a bit- there is also a charming quality to it as well. This story is an intriguing and action-packed historical romance that has kidnapping, hidden agendas, mystery, suspense, adventure, drama, betrayal, espionage, danger, action, seduction, chemistry, romance, and passion. This is the third book in the series, and could be read as a standalone, but having said that, this book may focus on a different couple than the first and second books, but there is a continuing storyline that bridges all the books, so I really recommend reading all the books to help build a better understanding of characters, backstory, and motivations.
Zane Maxwell is a recurring character in the series, whom I was hoping we would get to see much more of. Well, we certainly get to do that in this story. Skye is a fantastic character and the chemistry between her and Zane was intense. They really were so great together. But, Ms. Barnes doesn’t make thing easy for them- they have to work for their happiness. We also get to catch up with the characters from the previous books, which I appreciated. I am hoping that this isn’t the end of the Romancing the Spies series- hopefully there is more to come.
A wonderful addition to the series and my favourite of the three!

Thank you, Ms. Barnes!

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