Self Love by T.L. Clark – Review by Angela Hayes

Self LoveSelf Love by T.L. Clark
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4 Stars

Self Love By T.L Clark is a great standalone story that took me on a journey full of emotion, angst, a little drama, interesting characters, self-discovery, personal growth, and much more.
Molly is thirty-four-year-old florist who hasn’t had a lot of dating experience. Her experiences have left her somewhat dubious about the whole process. She has issues and is quite self depreciating- feeling fat and unattractive, she thinks she may never find love or settle down and start a family. A visit to the Doctor pushes her into making some lifestyle changes….. and so this story unfolds. We get to follow along as Molly goes through all the different stages of this journey, experiencing self- doubt, angst, and all the highs and lows. Molly is very realistic, believable and relatable. I think women everywhere have experienced what Molly has gone through and can relate to her feelings- I know I have and do.
As I would expect from Ms. Clark, this story is beautifully written, engaging and connectable. The story had depth, and the character growth and development over the course of the story was pretty good, even though there were a lot of times where Molly frustrated me with her apologies and thought processes. She was a lot stronger than she believed. I look forward to seeing what Ms. Clark has in store for us next!

Thank you, Ms. Clark!

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