The Dahlia Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Trilogies Books 4-6) by Vivian Winslow – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Dahlia Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Series, Books 4-6)The Dahlia Trilogy by Vivian Winslow
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The Dahlia Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Trilogies Books 4-6) by Vivian Winslow is a compilation of 3 books and is a spin off from the Gilded Flower Series. I recommend reading the first three books (although not necessary) in the first series, so you know who is who and get a better understanding of the characters.

In book one, Blue Dahlia, we see Dahlia trying to move on in life but to do so she must confront her past. However, confronting her past means facing things long buried but definitely not gone.

In book two, Black Dahlia, I was thrown for a loop, Ms. Vivian had other ideas about what was going to happen to where I thought they were going, boy did she do a good job. Now I was glad that this was a trilogy and the next book, Red Dahlia, was just there waiting for me to get
in to and find out more.

Book three, Red Dahlia, well what a ride and what a finale. My emotions are all over the place from the beginning of this trilogy I cried and yelled, laughed and loved, hoped and found myself frustrated and sighing at times. Vivian is very good at throwing in a twist here and a
turn there that you may not want to see but is necessary to the story. Her accomplished writing skills and plots are flawless and keep you intrigued and engrossed. On to the Violet series.

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