The Kitty Committee: A Novel of Suspense by Kathryn Berla – Review by Jana Teppih

The Kitty Committee: A Novel of SuspenseThe Kitty Committee: A Novel of Suspense by Kathryn Berla
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The Kitty Committee is a suspense novel by Kathryn Berla AND it is her first novel written for adult readers. I have read her YA story “Going Places” and I absolutely fell in love with her writing so when The Kitty Committee popped up on my radar then I went … hmmm, let’s see how she is when writing to adult readers …
She did not disappoint me! Her writing was good as ever … she has given us a story that shows us what far reaching consequences might our decisions have that we take as teenagers, influenced by our friends and loyalties at the time … unfortunately, the decisions and actions of this group of girls, oh my, they have disastrous consequences and the shadow the lives of so many people …
I loved how the timeframe kept changing as it kept me sharp and on my toes … I liked that at no point did the writer fall into the ‘language’ of teenagers … I have to say though that at times I had hard time to relate/feel for Grace as I felt that she never really found her feet as a person in her own rights … on the other hand, one could really feel the lasting impact that the act of her youth had on the rest of her life … The writer forces us to think and feel and to understand why we think and feel the way we do … The story is really worth while reading …

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