The Violet Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Series Books 7-9) by Vivian Winslow ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

The Violet Trilogy (The Gilded Flower Series, Books 7-9)The Violet Trilogy by Vivian Winslow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I must admit I had such high hopes for this installment in The Gilded Flower Series from Vivian Winslow. Don’t get me wrong, I did really enjoy it, it was quite the rollercoaster that I have come to expect from Vivian, but for me personally, Violet just fell short. I was just left, I don’t know, the only words I can really think of are, wanting more. I needed more from Violet. She really didn’t have that evolution of character that I had hoped she would have had. In fact I had found the secondary characters to have more epiphanies and life changing moments, such as her father who I previously thought of as a dirty scoundrel but ended up changing all my thought of him. Violet just kept making all these confusing decisions, without much reason and then was so shocked with her outcome, like really? What did you expect to get? In the same point, I do get her mentality of trying to protect herself by building her walls like a fortress. Problem with that is though, when our walls are so thick, even the good can’t get in. Buckle in and get ready to go for a wild ride as you read through the journey of Violet’s life of love, betrayal, and so much more.

Wild Violet:
This was where we get the first of many twists and turns in Vi’s story. Definitely nothing that was predictable, which made things very intense and drew you into the story pushing you further into reading on to find out what would happen next and find out how things would work out. Bonus: unexpected and delicious man candy to read about!

Hidden Violet:
This was a details and secrets book. This is where we got all the juicy insights and what answers that we do get are really divulged in Hidden Violet. I feel as if this is where I had hoped a few more questions that I had would have been addressed. Maybe the disjointed effect came for me with the major decision Vi makes and the future coming into play fast after we just wrapped up getting bits of her past. I think that might have been it, but I am not sure. I had hoped that things would become a bit clearer in the final book of Violet’s story. So onward into the night I read, desperately seeking answers.

True Violet:
I am left speechless with this book. There is a lot to talk about with this one honestly, but almost all of it would give away just about all of it. I can tell you I felt just about all of the emotions on the chart while reading it. It is a good thing I love my kindle, like absolutely love it, because it was close to being a projectile object at times. Other times I found myself on the brink of sobs one moment and laughing out loud the next. It was crazy times but worth it. I may still be in the dark on a few things but overall this was still a solid four star read and I will be back for more. Fingers crossed there is some more of Vi in our future??

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