My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore – Review by Angela Hayes

5 Stars


My Fake Vegas Boyfriend by Lori Sizemore was a great find for me. Ms. Sizemore is a new to me author whose book piqued my curiosity when it showed up on my feed. I loved the idea that it is set in Las Vegas in 1958. I wasn’t sure if I would really like it and was a little worried that it may feel a bit dated, but I needn’t have worried as Ms. Sizemore delivered a captivating story, with wonderful characters that I really loved reading. The book is an ‘unexpected romance’ story, that has blackmail, drama, twists, secrets, the hand of fate, and so much more. This is the first book in a new series, and if this book is anything to go by, not only is it off to a great start but it looks set to be superb.

Layla Rosas hasn’t had things easy- a cheating ex-fiancé, a horrible self-centred mother, self-destructive coping methods, and a father who thinks the best way to help her with all that is to place her in an asylum. She is desperate to find a way to prevent that from happening, but how? But, she may have just stumbled on a way out her predicament when she snaps a photo of a well-known celebratory in a compromising situation. Because, that snapshot brings handsome chief of security, Jace Russel to her doorstep looking to ‘destroy’ the evidence for his influential client. So what if she has to resort to blackmail to convince him to ‘help’ her. Can she can ‘persuade’ him to be her fake boyfriend for long enough to get her parents off her back, and keep her from being placed in the asylum? What happens when feelings become involved? This book is well worth the read to find out!

I am also excited to have found another author to add to my author list- I am even happier because I discovered that Ms. Sizemore has many more books in her inventory which I will enjoy exploring ASAP.

A great read!


Thank you, Ms. Sizemore!


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