Unbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler – Review By Anastasia Dodson

Unbreak This HeartUnbreak This Heart by Betty Shreffler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unbreak This Heart
By Betty Shreffler
5 Stars!

Seriously, where has this author been hiding? This book was fantastic!! I’ve read books by this author but this is by far my FAVORITE!! I couldn’t put it down and I kept on the edge of my seat to see what was happening next.
This book is about Alex and Carter. They are wonderful main characters and I felt like they were relatable.
Alex is such a strong main character. She goes through something that no one should ever go through but honestly she is stronger because of it. Even if it takes her a while to realize that. She is slowly trying to figure who she is suppose to be and what she is supposed to be doing with her life. And in comes Carter..
Man oh Man, this guy is sexy. And he’s the kind of sexy that make the ladies around him few sexy about themselves too. He wants Alex in his life, but he just had to convince her that she belongs there.
Things are rocky for them for a while. Alex isn’t sure what she wants for her future and when her ex shows up and tries to ruin everything that she’s built for herself, she might not come out standing on the other side.

This book is one that will capture your attention from the beginning and It keeps it there, making sure you are still Turing the pages.
I would absolutely recommend this to a friend!
Review by Anastasia D.

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