ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen – Review by Amber Lange

ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal WillALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Alterations Trilogy by Jane Suen was an interesting series. Each book deserves a mention.
Alterations by Jane Suen was a short novella that left me shocked! It’s a science fiction story with lots of suspense and mystery. The storylines are compelling. The three lead females are each going through things and each character is unique. The author does a great job going between each character’s story. I think my favorite storyline was Ellen’s. I can relate to her struggles with losing weight and wanting badly to be able to lose it. It is amazing that one day we could be doing similar things that happen in this book. These women are so desperate to change their lives they go to this doctor kite and in the end have to deal with the consequences. I found this book to be interesting and unique. I was pretty shocked by the doctors methods and how he did things.
Game Changer by Jane Suen is book number two in the Alterations trilogy. Definitely read book one as this one starts shortly after. I enjoyed book one and I enjoyed this one as well. Jane has an uncanny ability to write interesting and intriguing books that not only entertain you but they aren’t long and drawn out. I love reading her books because they always seem to surprise me in someway. I didn’t even know there was going to be other books in this series so I was pleased to find out there was more. I enjoyed reading about the characters from book one and seeing the story progress.
Primal Will by Jane Suen is the final book in the Alterations trilogy. This book tied up the other two and was a pretty good way to end things. Overall I liked the book. My favorite of the series was book one but I liked how the author ended the series. I liked the books and the story. The authors writing style is unique and different and that’s what I like about it. I would rate this series 4 stars.

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