ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen – Review by Debi Kircher

ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal WillALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

ALTERATIONS TRILOGY: Alterations, Game Changer, Primal Will by Jane Suen

5 Stars

I have now read every one of this authors books and I will also read every book she comes out with. She is one of those authors that you never know what might be instore for you when you open one of her books, she is never predictable and I sit afterwards always pondering what I just read. She has a talent that has her in a class of her own and I just can’t say enough about how much I love her. This trilogy is simply awesome..totally different than anything I have every read and each one of them had me totally breaking from real life and I was totally invested in these characters…

Alterations – This is about three women, each with a different issue in life. This is also about one man, “Dr.” Kite, who set out on a mission to help these three women with their life issues by offering them an answer using an implant that can control their minds. Although short, the author fit in enough backstory for each character that I was able to understand and fall in love with each one. It brought up questions in my own mind, if I could pick the one issue in life I struggle with would I take the same risks these three women took? Especially knowing that when something seems too good to be true, it could be just that..too good to be true….

Game Changer – This story carried on from the first, the 3 ladies that Dr. Kite “helped” have now started moving on with their lives, and each one dealing with their own good and bad. Dr. Kite is again up to something, and I loved reading his parts of this story.. I don’t know why he fascinates me so much but he does…Would I trust him if he showed up at my door? Ehhh, maybe to an extent.

Primal Will – This last installment had me reading so fast I caught myself tripping over the words and making myself slow down so that I could savor every second of it. What an amazing storyline from start to finish, so creative and addictive and I can not wait to go back and read the whole series all over again. Not going to go into anymore detail because it will take away from all 3 books..

Ok Miss Jane Suen, I’ve read all of your books, and I want more…You are an amazing story teller and I can not wait to see where you take us next!! But rest assured I’ll be one of the first in line to find out!


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