Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn – Review by Katie Matthews

BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa RicaBECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I have been so looking forward to reading the next instalment in this series. I have truly fallen in love with the characters in the story and the author. Her writing completely absorbs me into the amazing world that she had created. Her beautiful descriptions of the settings for the stories are a huge plus for these books – her attention to detail is amazing.
I really did feel for Soren, my heart broke for him a little in this story and I really felt like I got to know him a lot more than I had in the previous books. As soon as he met Elena I could feel the connection, I could almost feel his hope begin to rise to the surface, hope that he might be ok after all. I loved the passion and chemistry between them. I’ve tried not to have a favourite book in this series because I have loved them all so far but I think this one may just take the top spot. I absolutely loved it and I really cannot recommend the book and the series enough!


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