Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn – Review By Nicole Alamillo

BECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa RicaBECKONED, Part 5: Adrift in Costa Rica by Aviva Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Beckoned, Part 5: Adrift In Costa Rica
By Aviva Vaughn
5/5 Stars

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVED the Beckoned series ! I enjoyed Angela and Soren’s love story from start to finish!! But I must admit something… I wasn’t too keen on Soren. I found him selfish and incredibly needy. But after reading this book, I saw him in a whole new light!
Realizing you aren’t the person you want to be is a huge eye opener…Picking up and starting over is so scary, but yet so brave!! Soren , discovers himself in the proces… now that is growth!
My favorite quote from the series so far is, “ The regret of missed opportunity .” It means a great deal to me. But I’m sure it means something different to everyone. I’m going to remember this quote for a long time!! Especially when I second guess a great opportunity!!
Aviva has a way of writing , which will suck you in immediately! Her attention to details is phenomenal! And her characters … wow, so relatable and honest!! I highly recommended this entire series! Take the time to read it in proper order, you will not regret it!! I can’t wait to see where book six takes us!! I’m looking forward to seeing where Soren and Elena’s journey takes us this time!

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