Georgia Pine (Southern Promises #3) by K.G. Fletcher – Review by Emily Walsh

Georgia Pine (Southern Promises #3)Georgia Pine
ByK.G. Fletcher
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Georgia Pine (Southern Promises #3) by K.G. Fletcher was a sweet good feel read, that leaves you feeling all mushy on the inside.

My first read from this author and for this series, they read as standalones, so there was nothing to worry about in that area. This book followed a pretty standard plot, and you could see the ending a mile away, but I loved the added children and that, Tim wasn’t a overbearing, brewing, alpha male type.

First I want to give the author props for not using the whole amnesia thing, cause it’s like a weird cop-out, and frankly it’s been done so many times that I get nervous when a MC gets a head injury. I also like the way Tim’s character was developed, kind, strong and basically a decent human being. Despite Jessica’s a++hat ex, he wasn’t that overpowering jealous type, and didn’t get all piss when someone talk to her. I will say that, I wish he was just a blue-callered worker, I really do. Because him being not, and using it as a disguise, actually took away from the story. It was for me, a cop-out. I think the ending would have had a much greater and more powerful message, if Tim was simply just, a normal hardworking, decent humanbeing.

Overall I very much enjoyed this quick read. It was very well written, the detail was rich and made you feel that southern heat. It has a nice easy pace, there was drama but it was well place and belonged. There was no drama for the sake of drama. The love was a little insta-lovie, but it still felt natural, and of course the smut was…. hot… hot.. you’ll feel the heat and will need a fan.

The only thing left is to give you my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

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