Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers, #2) by Lee Kilraine – Review by Angelina Frazzini

Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers, #2)Give and Take by Lee Kilraine
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Give and Take by Lee Kilraine is book two of the Thorne Brothers Series. This book can be read as a standalone, which I did, but I get the impression you get more background on some of the other characters I’m book one so I suggest reading book one first.

Rhia isn’t like the rest of her family and she’s well aware of that. All she wants to do is prove to them she can be successful even if she doesn’t follow their chosen career path. For that reason, she is determined to make her business thrive. Step one is free office space which is how she meets the Thorne brothers and most notably Wyatt. Wyatt is quiet and is quite particular about things around the office. When he meets Rhia, she is the exact opposite of him and it truly grates on his nerves. Soon however, he realizes he quite enjoys her outspoken, colorful personality. Will Wyatt be able to step outside his perfectly constructed box and let Rhia into his life or will he keep everything tidy and Rhia at arms length?

I truly enjoyed this book. I was pleasantly surprised with the fun banter and I even got a good laugh a couple of times. Rhia knows who she is and for the most part, she’s not afraid to embrace that. Her family isn’t always in her corner and that was so frustrating to witness but she pulls herself back up and takes care of business. Wyatt had a bit of growth throughout the book as well. At times his growth was subtle but it was still nice to witness him making some changes even if he didn’t realize it at the time. I love how close the Thorne brothers are in the book. The relationships were so fun to read. I’m definitely going to read book one and see what I missed!

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