Give & Take (The Thorne Brothers Book 2) by Lee Kilraine – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Give and Take (The Thorne Brothers, #2)Give and Take by Lee Kilraine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Give & Take is book two in The Thorne Brothers series by Lee Kilraine. My first read by this author. It’s just the beginning of something beautiful. I was impressed beyond my wildest dreams. Elation at finding yet another epically talented author was an emotion that I became very familiar with. I don’t know where they get all this talent. My talent can fit into my pinky nail. I am forever thankful for the time, effort and heart that goes into these stories. I just can’t get enough of them.

Now about this mind blowing cast of colourful characters the endlessly entertain with this hilarious antics, amusing idiosyncrasies, and never ending awkwardness, attractiveness and sensuality. I was constantly laughing, but this story was so much deeper than what I could ever have imagined from the beginning, and gave me so much more than I could have possibly dreamed of. Wyatt was a deep and tender hearted man that shouldered doubt and insecurities. His family was his support and Rhia the very one he never knew he needed. Rhia had her own set of troubles, but was so seriously entertaining, I could read about her for years. On paper, they were polar opposites. In reality, there could not be a more perfectly imperfect couple. Give & Take was pleasure personified, and The Thorne Brother series is a must have addition to my library. 5 stars.

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