Twilight’s Curse (Twilight Realm Series Book 1) by K. M. Wray – Review by Amanda Gonzalez

Twilight's CurseTwilight’s Curse by K.M. Wray
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fully-loaded start to the series! What I enjoyed most about this book was the complex world-building and well-rounded characters. Starting from Nix’s background story to Zoe’s beginning, we learn about their dark lives before the two meet. Though their reasons are their own, the two are like two halves of a whole in the events of the book and hold your attention from the first page until the last. The fantastical elements in this YA story are more like the complex elements you see in other/older books – but done in a clean way. Twilight’s Curse has set the pace for what I hope to be an enthralling next couple of books!

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