Who: A Stalker Series Novel by Megan Mitcham – Review by Jenni Bishop

Who (Stalker, #1)Who by Megan Mitcham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Who: A Stalker Series Novel by Megan Mitcham​ is a story that is as powerful as it is explosive, as it is thrilling, as it is enticing, as it is sexy. This psychological thriller will keep you enthralled and intrigued and Megan did a fantastic job of layering each plot and mystery and revealing it slowly like something to be savoured. As if being a woman in a business world where you have to fight twice as hard to prove yourself wasn’t hard enough. But to be taunted and stalked is enough to break even the toughest of us but our heroine was able to kick arse both physically and verbally. And lets not forget her trusty friends and sidekicks, who had me laughing out loud and reminding us of what friends are for. Megan’s writing style is superb and the characters are strong and well written with emotions you can feel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and can not and I mean can not wait to read the next one.

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