Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love by Mimi Barbour
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Love Christmas:2- Movies You Love

It is that time of year! We get to pull out the cozy blankets and warm up by the fires with a good book. These novels are the perfect ones to do so with! I haven’t had the pleasure of reading every single one just yet but look forward to doing so as the season continues to unfold. I have however read several already and just had to come leave a little review to start because, well there is 26 stories guys! I won’t get this finished till almost in time for the season to finish and I want everyone to go get this before the Holidays are too close to being over so we all can enjoy!

With all that said… This was such an imaginative spin on your favorite Holiday movies. There is 26 stories by 26 different authors. Each author has chosen one and fine tuned it into a modern way that will be sure to keep you entertained well throughout the season. There is something for everyone, from “It’s A Wonderful Life” to “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.

Right now I am reading “Love, Actually” (By the Sea) which is written by Traci Hall. She was a new author to me and I am loving it. “Love Actually” is one of my favorite Holiday movies so I was excited to see that was one of the movies that was used as an inspiration. I have also enjoyed several other stories from authors that I have previously read before, like Tamara Ferguson, Mimi Barbour, and Stephanie Queen. I can’t wait to find out what else is in store for the rest of the novels to come, and I just might have to re-read a few of those I have finished! Thanks for the wonderful reads ladies! Happy Holiday’s!

Books and authors featured:

A Wonderful Life By: Mimi Barbour

A Royal White Christmas By: Leanne Banks

Brianna’s Season For Miracles By: Joan Reeves

Jingle With My Princess By: Mona Risk

Can She Get Home For Christmas By: Rebecca York

Mistletoe Inn By: Jacquie Biggar

A Miracle On Christmas Tree Street By: Alicia Street

The Holiday (Christmas) By: Nancy Radke

Love Letters From A Snowman Katy Walters

Holiday Affair By: Stephanie Queen

Almost Christmas in Connecticut By: Aileen Fish

A Christmas Creek Carol By: Rachelle Ayala

The Polar XPress By: Dani Haviland

Love Actually (By The Sea) By: Traci E. Hall

The Ref-er-ee By: Taylor Lee

Her Mr. Miracle By: Donna Fasano

A Christmas to Remember By: Cynthia Cooke

A Joyous Holiday Inn By: Susan Jean Ricci

Two Hearts Home for Christmas By: Tamara Ferguson

Christmas With the Clouds By: Suzanne Jenkins

How Gavin Stole Christmas By: Natalie Ann

A Sharla Brown Christmas By: Ev Bishop

In the Spirit of Christmas By: Alyssa Bailey

Finding Love on Christmas Vacation By: Stacy Eaton

A Christmas Getaway By: Jen Talty

Boyfriend Wanted for Christmas By: Melinda De Ross

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