Love, Christmas-Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2) Anthology – Review by Erica Fish

Love, Christmas - Movies You Love (The Holiday Series Book 2)Love, Christmas – Movies You Love by Mimi Barbour
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This anthology Love, Christmas-Movies You Love is a collections of Christmas stories. These stories are based on Christmas movies with twists. The stories are not in a series and can be stand-alone books. This is a fun collection you can enjoy reading the stories that stand out to you and then go back and read the other stories. One thing that I really enjoyed was the variety of stories. There weren’t only romance theme stories, but family theme stories as well. I recommend this anthology especially if you like Christmas Movies told with a different twist.

Love Letter from a Snowman by Katy Walters
This story caught my eye right away because I love snowmen and what better than a love letter from one. This story does pull on your heart strings. Tabitha has been hired to be a nanny to a very sick child. Lord Owen Balfour Viscount of Thurleigh is trying to keep his little boy with him as his mother had left the two of them. Tabitha is trying to get that reality for Lord Owen. She was searching for some kind of special holiday goodness as the young boy is not doing well. In comes magic and Tabitha finds children’s book about a snowman. While Lord Owen’s son feels a connection with the snowman, Tabitha and Lord Owen are finding a connection with each other. Will Lord Owen and Tabitha relationship grow? Will the young boy’s health turn around? These are questions that will answered and more in this beautiful story.

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