Must Be Crazy (Darling Cove Book 3) By Deborah Garland – Review by Laura Furuta

Must Be CrazyMust Be Crazy by Deborah Garland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Must Be Crazy (Darling Cove Book 3)
By: Deborah Garland
5 out of 5 stars

The story Must Be Crazy (Darling Cove Book 3) by Deborah Garland is a contemporary romance book. It is a story that I loved reading just as much as the first two. I was hooked from the very beginning and I didn’t want to put the book down until I was finished with the final page. I loved reading about the characters of Skye Mallory and Edward Mendelsohn. Skye is a woman whose siblings have found their perfect match. Although still stinging from her last break up Skye does wonder what it would be like to have what the others in her family have, a deep love between two people. Skye is also a woman who is keeping a secret from her family. What is that secret and what will happen when or if it is revealed? Edward is the fire chief in town and is interested and intrigued by Skye. He has been waiting for the right moment to ask her out. Be it that when her apartment and business goes up in flames may not be the best time, however, these two soon find themselves going out together. Then a situation arises that threatens to tear these two apart just as quickly as they got together. Both Skye and Edward have an attraction and chemistry that is undeniable. Will they fight for their relationship or will things become too overwhelming for this couple? Will they get a chance for an HEA? Read this book to find out. I found myself falling in love with the characters of Skye and Edward with each chapter that I read. I also loved that some of the other characters that appear are brought forward from the previous books. You find out what has been going on in their lives since last you read about them. This is a wonderfully written book with an amazing plot and characters. I would highly recommend reading it.

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