My Hidden Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel( My Life Series Book #1) by Necie Navone ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

My Hidden Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel (My Life Series Book 1)My Hidden Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel by Necie Navone
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Necie Navone was a completely new author to me when I first picked up ‘The Only One’ which is the first book in the Brothers of Camelot series that ‘My Hidden Life’ is the prequel to. I would recommend that you read both of these before you jump into the rest of the series. These are the type of books that are going to need to be read in the right order to make sense, but don’t worry it will be worth it! Necie Navone is one wickedly good story weaver!

There is a lot, and I do mean a lot, going on in this book. We get to know all about Alessndra Canzano or more commonly reffered to as Aless, in this book. We start off when she is very young but grow right along with her as she comes into age and her role as the next in line to take over the family name and “business”. The thing is… this is not your average family “business”. Not only will her life be at stake but all those that she holds near and dear will be in danger too. Can she keep her life hidden? There really is a lot more layers. From action, violence, even some romance, not a lot but a bit, and I think that there will be more to come in the next installment that we will get with her story. That one is the ‘My Tragic Life’ and it is available so I am planning to go start that one as soon as I finish this review. I can’t wait! Thanks for another great read!

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