Born to Fight (Can’t Resist You Series Book #1) by Brittany Anne – Review by Angela Hayes.

Born to Fight (Can't Resist You, #1)Born to Fight by Brittany Anne
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Born to Fight is the first book in the Can’t Resist You series by Brittany Anne. This story took me by surprise I must say. I knew from the synopsis that I would like the book, but I didn’t expect it to be quite as fascinating as it turned out to be. This is a Sci-fi story with a definite apocalyptic and dystopian theme. It’s an action-packed adventure full of drama, danger, suspense, some mystery, passion, secrets, sparks, sizzle, heat, and hope. I read the book in an afternoon, glued to the pages to discover how it all plays out. I didn’t want to put it down until I’d read every last word. That’s how much the story gripped me.
Rain has been on her own, in an old abandoned bunker she’s turned into her home, for the past two years. She has her routine and she’s content to stay right where she is, where she feels safe. Her world changes in an instant when she goes to the river one day, only to discover an unconscious and badly wounded man, barely alive. She can’t leave him to die, so she drags him back to her bunker, tends to his wounds and begins nursing him back to health. But as time goes on, she begins to wonder if it was the smartest thing to do, as she’s exposed herself now and placed herself at risk- she doesn’t know a thing about him, he could be the enemy for all she knows.
Hunter Kane is one of the leaders of the Resistance- was born to be a fighter, but had no choice really. With the world the way it was, people depended on him to keep them safe, so he did what he’d been trained to do, fight for the cause- to win back his world. When a mission goes wrong, Hunter is badly wounded, and left for dead. He thinks his time is up, so he’s quite surprised when he wakes up many days later with a beautiful woman tending to him. He’s immediately drawn to her, and as he recovers he begins to imagine what life might be like if he didn’t have all the responsibility and expectation on him. But he has people depending on him, and all he’s ever known is the ‘fight’. He doesn’t need the distraction of a relationship. Plus, he knows she’s keeping secrets and wonders what they might be. What happens when he discovers what her secrets are, and who she really is? When danger finds them, what will they do? Do these two have any chance of finding happiness in a war-torn and dangerous world? Will Rain find somewhere she finally belongs? You really should read all the exciting developments for yourself, you are sure to love it as much as I have!
This really was a fantastic read! It was exciting, steamy and emotional- with heartbreaking details, touching and tender scenes, sweet and romantic moments, and edge-of-your-seat-suspense…. that all blended into an entirely addictive story.
This is told from multiple POV’s, so the reader really gets an immersive reading experience, getting the ‘full’ picture of what’s been, or is, going on. There are some flashbacks that help to build the backstory and to also set the stage for the main ‘events’. The story has a fast pace and a smooth flow, making it an easy read.
I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book/s in this series, because if this book was anything to go by, the rest of the series is set to be incredible!

Thank you, Brittany Anne!


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