Repressed (Ash Park #3) by Meghan O’ Flynn ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
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Holy fracking wow! Repressed is another impressive chilling thriller from Meghan O’ Flynn. I must confess, after each of the Ash Park novels that I read by the ever talented O’ Flynn, I am more enamored than I was with the previous one I just praised as the best of the series. O’ Flynn really has the knack for drawing in the reader and holding you and your thoughts hostage long after you finish the last page. Each of the books could be read as standalones, but I would read them all and in order. For one, as mentioned, they are all great, but they do build in plot and stories, as well as have characters that we do get glimpses of in each of the books, and two, why not?? It is the perfect season and they are all available to scoop up and enjoy!

Repressed gives us the story of Curt Morrison. I always knew that there was more to Curt but I had no idea what was to come from him that is for sure! (No spoilers here though!) Though, as we follow him in his new life with his wife and adorable new daughter we begin to learn about some deep and dark demons that lay ‘repressed’ in his past. The case that Morrison and Petrosky are working on also becomes an overlying factor and everything Morrison has ever cherished will come into jeopardy. Will he be able to conquer his past demons and do whatever it takes to protect the ones that he loves now? Or will the past finally come to catch up to him?

This book touches on some difficult subjects, like the others have, but it is done in a way that makes the story flow. Every piece is necessary to the novel, and tells the story that the reader needs to fully understand all that is going on. Nothing is done without care to details. You can tell these are topics close to Meghan O’ Flynn’s heart. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel, which will be right after I finish this review. I think a storm is brewing outside too, perfect weather for an Ash Park novel!! Thank you so much for another amazing novel, Meghan O’ Flynn!

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