The Ash Park Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Meghan O’Flynn

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The Ash Park Series Boxed Set (Books 1-3) by Meghan O’Flynn


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Genre – Crime

Page Count – 800 pages

Goodreads –

Do you love dark crime thrillers with mind-blowing twists? Get the Ash Park series, where nothing is ever as it seems.

This 3 BOOK BOX SET includes the first three thrillers in bestselling author Meghan O’Flynn’s Ash Park series — over 1,000 pages.

FAMISHED: A poem scrawled in blood. A girl with a secret. And a killer who will stop at nothing to find her.

CONVICTION: Yesterday, Shannon threw an innocent woman in jail, leaving a murderer on the loose. Today, a killer threatened her family. Tomorrow, he’s coming for her.

REPRESSED: An idyllic family. A detective with a past. And a sadistic kidnapper hell-bent on destroying them all.

“O’Flynn’s Ash Park series will take your mind prisoner.” – bestselling author Kristen Mae

“Cunning, disturbing, and addictive, the Ash Park series is an expertly written labyrinth of twisted, unpredictable awesomeness.” – Beth Teliho, award-winning author of Order of Seven


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With books deemed “visceral, haunting, and fully immersive” (New York Times bestseller, Andra Watkins) Meghan O’Flynn has made her mark on the thriller genre. She is the bestselling author of gritty crime novels, including Shadow’s Keep and the Ash Park series, supernatural thrillers including The Jilted, and the Fault Lines short story collection, all of which take readers on the dark, gripping, and unputdownable journey for which Meghan O’Flynn is notorious.





Repressed (Ash Park, #3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Jana Teppih

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed is the third story in Meghan O’Flynn’s Ash Park series and I think she has done it now … I have nothing to say but “she has arrived”, roll out the carpet!
Repressed is THE story of Detective Curtis Morrison who we met in the first book and learnt more about in the second book … but still (zen) waters run deep … his checkered past seems to be catching up to him – his wife (who we also met in the previous books, the second book was her book) and baby daughter go missing and there is this sadistic monster that is ruling this nightmare that he has initiated to make Morrison to pay for the sins from twenty years ago…
The story is dark, disturbing … it is very graphic, the violence, it leaves you shuddering… the way the writer describes addition, it blows your mind … the story is fast paced and you will get a mystery with its beginning, middle and the end! If this is your first book of the series, it will pull you in and you will want to read the other ones and I promise you, you should! I started with book four and now when I have also read the first three, I keep thinking about the fourth one and lamenting what I missed … I think it deserves a re-read!

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Repressed: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Shannon Fowler

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

O.M.G. This book is INTENSE. Frightening, scary, gruesome, and intense. I think I was holding my breath through the last half of the book. I know my heart was on edge! I think this one is my favorite of this series so far!

O’Flynn is a sick and twisted kind of author! Which is becoming my favorite kind of author!
This book included our favorite characters from the first two Ash Park novels, Detectives Petrosky and Morrison and DA Shannon Taylor who had married Morrison in the last book. This story has our team hunting for a pedophile, a murderer and a kidnapper. What are the chances it’s the same person? What are the chances that it’s someone they know?

There are a lot of “repressed” memories and feelings in this story. (Wow what a great title!) I am surprised there weren’t more bad guys!

“Perhaps one day the other memories would fade as the good in life oozed in to the crowd out the tragedy.”

I definitely recommend this story but advise that starting with book one will help you understand the characters feelings and personalities that much more.

Review by @shannonlovesbooks

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Repressed: An Ash Park Novel, Volume 3 by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Krystal Gregory

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Repressed: An Ash Park Novel, Volume 3 by Meghan O’Flynn
4 out of 5 Stars
This third book in this series is beyond amazing. Curtis Morrison has had a rough life, but right now, life is good for him. Newly married, a Detective at Ash Park Police and a baby girl. But all of that comes crashing to a halt when his wife and daughter go missing and his life goes into a tail spin.
Someone from his past is coming back to get him, and they are making his live h*ll. He has spent the better half of his adult life trying to get away from the life he left, but someone does not want him to forget. Someone wants him to remember and they want to make him remember in a way that will hurt him the worst, and time is running out.
Ms O’Flynn is a very talented writer. This book was full of passion, secondary emotions and strong details. I loved every second of this book. Most definitely an 18+ for the strong language and violence but a fantastic book nonetheless. If you love James Patterson, or books similar, you will love this book.

Reviewed by @kgregory

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Repressed: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Tausha Treadway

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed: An Ash Park Novel (Volume 3) by Meghan O’Flynn. This is the 3rd book in the Ash Park series and each one gets better to me. This one is about Curtis Morrison who is a newly married Ash Park Police officer. His past life was no where near his life today. He did things he doesn’t like to think about and is trying to forget. He has a new wife and baby, a great job and that is what he’s trying to focus on until his past comes back to haunt him. Someone has his wife and child. Will he have to go back to his old ways to get them back or will he lose them forever. Sometimes your past has a way of catching up with you. I read this book like the others in one sitting. Don’t start these books thinking, I’ll read a little here and there, nope, not going to happen! Can’t wait for the next book in this series!

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Repressed (Ash Park, #3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Emily Walsh

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed
ByMeghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed (Ash Park #3) by Meghan O’Flynn was a dark, gritty psychological thriller, that like the past books in this series, had me hooked from start to finish.

The third book is the Ash Parks series, we are once again tossed into a deadly game, and one that surrounds a main recurring character Curtis Morrison. Meeting him in the first book, and following him to see what he has become, and then this book. I feel like this was happening to a close friend. Man I should not be benign reading this series, but I can’t stop. Not once I read the synopsis for this one and knowing that Cutis was going to be the next one to be put through hell. I just want to put him in a box, and put up a do not touch sign.

I don’t even know where to start. This book, was a lot harder for me because like I said I’ve been reading from book one. It would have been different if I was reading about a new character getting put through the ringer, but when it’s one that’s been there from the start, as a new bright eye detective, to now, married, baby.. it hits you hard. The writing does a great job at that, pulling you in, making you see boths sides. My heart was on the floor for most of this book. Meghan O’Flynn has a way with keeping the tone dark, gritty and has this way of just keeping the suspense, the mind games and the mystery high. And not just with the killer but with our MC as well. Cause we get to learn new things about Curtis, darker things. And as we have seen lately, your past is never truly buried.

Overall this book, so far, for me, has been the darkest, twisted, and the most engaging/entertaining read of the series. As much as I felt like my heart was about to be boot/ㅋ***** across the room, I could not put it down, look away, or breath. This book, and this series is fast becoming a fav of mine, and possibly the best of the year. So yes, I give this book and series my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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Repressed (An Ash Park Novel #3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Julie Lounello

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed (An Ash Park Novel #3) by Meghan O’Flynn is a five star novel. This novel picks up a few years after book 2. You could probably read this as a standalone, but I recommend reading it as a series because it is much more comprehensive that way. When we pick up the novel, we are thrown into the middle of the police of Ash Park trying to solve a case about sexual abuse and murder of little boys. The killer has escalated and is now killing his victims instead of just pleasuring himself with the abuse. He has gotten away with it so far but the detectives know they need to figure out what is going on and solve the case before anymore children get hurt. This book is fast paced and busy with the detectives interviewing other people and trying to catch the predator. I love how it was able to hold my attention right from the jump and keep my attention the whole way through.

Review by @julie-lounello

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Repressed (Ash Park#3) By Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed By Meghan O’Flynn is volume three in the Ash Park Novel Series. And this by far is the best one that I have read. This book is true definition of a thriller, Very dark, twisted, and fully shows you, not everyone is who they appear to be. O’Flynn again gets down to the dirty so to speak by creating these amazing characters, giving us a mystery that we feel we are in the middle of, and hating when we see those we have grown to love in the series in danger. I just know that each time I get to visit Ash Park, I am never disappointed and always a book that I cannot put down! Another FIVE star read!
Morrison is freshly married and content with his life until an old addiction starts to take over his mind and show that the secrets from his past can’t always stay buried. When his wife and daughter come up missing and he learns this monster who truly wants him to suffer from sins he committed years ago. As time is working against him, he must face something he has tried so hard to forget, awakening a monster, to save those he loves.
Each book grabs you, and makes you want to read more about Ash Park, but for some reason this book stuck with me, even when I was done and put it down. If you are looking for a good read, THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU!!

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Repressed An Ash Park Novel (Volume 3) by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Jenni Bishop

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn is the third book in the Ash Park Series and is another brilliant addition to the psychological thriller series. Repressed is a lot dark and disturbing, a little chilling and super thrilling. Whenever I read anything from Meghan I know I am in safe hands and always enjoy the fascinating and twisted world in which she weaves. The tension and suspense that built, not only in the story but within myself as I watched what these characters went through was compelling and gripping and had me on edge right the way through. I think this maybe the best book in the series to date. Will they survive all that is thrown at them or give up and give in?

I was so engaged and engrossed in this story that I read it all in one sitting. I highly recommend this book to those who like to read something dark and twisted.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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Repressed (Ash Park #3) by Meghan O’ Flynn ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

Repressed (Ash Park, #3)Repressed by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy fracking wow! Repressed is another impressive chilling thriller from Meghan O’ Flynn. I must confess, after each of the Ash Park novels that I read by the ever talented O’ Flynn, I am more enamored than I was with the previous one I just praised as the best of the series. O’ Flynn really has the knack for drawing in the reader and holding you and your thoughts hostage long after you finish the last page. Each of the books could be read as standalones, but I would read them all and in order. For one, as mentioned, they are all great, but they do build in plot and stories, as well as have characters that we do get glimpses of in each of the books, and two, why not?? It is the perfect season and they are all available to scoop up and enjoy!

Repressed gives us the story of Curt Morrison. I always knew that there was more to Curt but I had no idea what was to come from him that is for sure! (No spoilers here though!) Though, as we follow him in his new life with his wife and adorable new daughter we begin to learn about some deep and dark demons that lay ‘repressed’ in his past. The case that Morrison and Petrosky are working on also becomes an overlying factor and everything Morrison has ever cherished will come into jeopardy. Will he be able to conquer his past demons and do whatever it takes to protect the ones that he loves now? Or will the past finally come to catch up to him?

This book touches on some difficult subjects, like the others have, but it is done in a way that makes the story flow. Every piece is necessary to the novel, and tells the story that the reader needs to fully understand all that is going on. Nothing is done without care to details. You can tell these are topics close to Meghan O’ Flynn’s heart. I personally cannot wait to get my hands on the next novel, which will be right after I finish this review. I think a storm is brewing outside too, perfect weather for an Ash Park novel!! Thank you so much for another amazing novel, Meghan O’ Flynn!

Review by @lizaileen
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