Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County book 5) by Bella Settarra- Review by Gail Guerrero

Savannah's Saviors (Cowboys of Cavern County, #5)Savannah’s Saviors by Bella Settarra
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Savannah’s Saviors (The Cowboys of Cavern County book 5) by Bella Settarra

Four Stars

I’ve never felt the kind of love this book shows. Where you are willing and wanting to share your life with 3 people. From the story I got that these three people have a unique bond. That in their lives and heart there was room for more. Their personalities were a different. Savannah was so fragile and sweet. While Tom and Greg were alpha males to the max. But they never crossed that line. I didnt like how indecisive Savannah was. You either stay or go. I think She was overwhelmed and felt trapped. The flow of the words was a little stiff conversations didn’t read like any normal everyday conversation. There was a lot of excitement in this story but nothing that actually hooked me in and let me get a better picture of who our characters were and how they ended up at this point in their lives. Though I am not a fan of the subject I thought the author did a great job laying it out in a classy way.
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