Summer Fling by Tarrah Anders review by Cindy Mayberry

Summer FlingSummer Fling by Tarrah Anders
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Summer Fling
By Tarrah Anders
This is Strictly a romance of the summer kind?

Emma runs her own little shop, in a small town. Just the way she likes it. She has swore off men for a while, after her last heart break. Now she just has one night flings. Definitely no commitments, and no tourist! Drinking got the best of her. That’s how this romance story starts.

Royce is new in town. He is starting a new business and has his focus there. On his night out, he meets the beautiful Emma. She wants one night, he wants forever. Now he is out to prove he is not a tourist, and plans to stay.

Tarrah Anders wrote this story with romance in mind. She did just that. But with every romance there are the exes that come out as well. I love her characters and the story they tell. I also love that she kept the story on a rollercoaster. That right! This is not your average love story. This is so much more.

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