The Catch (Eastern Shore Swingers Series Book 2) by Phoebe Alexander – Review By Krystal Gregory

The CatchThe Catch by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This author never ceases to amaze. This second book in the Eastern Shore Swingers series is just a sizzling as the first. This book can be read as a standalone, however, I do highly recommend you read Book One at some point, because it is fantastic in its own right.
Paisley is a strong independent woman who don’t need to man, or at least she doesn’t need a relationship. The physical aspect of the man, she can get jiggy with, the emotional side of it, she can deal without. She is a flawed character and I loved that Ms Alexander wrote a character that has curves for days. Paisley is not the typical flat tummy, long legged runner who you would normally see in the Ocean City landscape around Maryland and when she is hired as a manager at a hotel, her first priority is to hire someone to design the hotel’s website.

Enter Calvin…the not so geeky..but I am a tall drink of water..Calvin. He challenges everything she knows. He pushes her boundaries and her comfort levels. When the steam starts to rise between them, the sheets start to smoke. When a blast from Paisley’s past come barreling back and threatens her, Calvin risks his own well-being to protect her and she starts to believe that he just maybe the very thing that she has been waiting for.

This book is super hot. 18+ audience for super mature theme and some steamy between the sheets scenes. Smooth easy read with passages and paragraphs flow from one thought to the next. As a reader you do not feel rushed through the story and the story line progresses at a pace that is both relevant and applicable to the story.

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