Breathe Underwater by Anise Storm & Taylor L. Ray – Review by Steph Cavanagh

This book was a fantastic read, it had so much thrill, spice and all things nice!

Evelyn and Damien met in school she was tutoring him until her dad put a stop to it because he didn’t like Damien.

Years later Evelyn meets sees someone running past her house, she likes the eye candy and starts leaving treats out for him, until one day he comes knocking!

He is now in the FBI and he’s undercover working in the mafia, his role has even included killing and bullying property off people. He’s a mafia dons son so it’s crucial his cover is kept secret till he brings him down.

The heat of the relationship is too much for either of them too bare and they become lovers but Damien can’t get close he knows because the secret he keeps he keeps pushing her away so she stays safe will keep it be kept quiet or will the truth come out?

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