Azrael by Matthew Huntley – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

AzraelAzrael by Matthew Huntley
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Levi Andrews is a detective who has seen too much and has turned in his badge and turned to the bottle to try and numb all the feelings he is trying desperately to suppress, one day when he wakes up to another sunny day and another hangover, nursing a sore head and a cup of coffee he is disturbed by a knock on the door, when he asks who it is, he is surprised when it is a Detective who is looking for him, he wonders if it is to do with his private investigative business, but he is pretty sure he kept his nose clean, but when he asks what the visit is about, the Detective says is it about Azrael, a name he has tried to forget, a name associated with a case ten years ago which ruined his life. Levi considers his options and contrary to his need to run, he opens the door and invites the Detective in, he introduces himself as Detective Parker Williams and goes on to explain that a murder has occurred which he believes is the return of the Azrael killer, he has brought a case file with him with some photo’s and reports in it to show Levi and ask for his help in solving this new case.

As he looks at the information Parker brought with him, he can see the similarities, but when he is asked if he will help, he is not surprised that it isn’t something that the higher ups don’t want him involved in, especially after who he left when the original killer was arrested, but it irks him that this young Detective is trying to tell him that he thinks he arrested the wrong person, because the details are too similar for it to be a copycat, in the end Levi asks when the Detective is returning to where the murder has taken place, he says he will meet him an hour before and give him an answer. Levi now has to make the hard decision as to whether to return home, or let sleeping dogs lie, as he tries to weigh the pro’s and cons, he concludes the current case he has on.

As it approaches time to go, Levi decides that he will pack his bag and go with the Detective, he is still not wanting to, but he feels that he has to see whether what he suspects is true, or whether Azrael really has returned. Will Levi and Parker be able to work together to solve this new mystery and get to the truth of the matter at hand, or will Levi drown in his past memories as he confronts the things he has buried for a decade? This is a thrilling chase as the two Detectives race against time to solve the case and bring a killer to justice, all the while battling their own personal demons, when they are brought into the light of the present.

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