The Box: A Greek Gods Urban Fantasy Romance (Her Three Immortals Book 4)The Box: A Greek Gods Urban Fantasy Romance by Hazel Storm
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I have been a loyal fan of this series, since the first novel. With that I have followed Vanessa and her friends, through many adventures, sexy moments, drama filled scenes, and well anything you can think of! I really grew with all of them to who they would be! I was sad to see this amazing series wrap up and come to an end, but the way it ended literally blew my expectations. This was concluded, well, just perfectly!

I know in the previous books there was a lot going on, and there was a lot of moments I had actually thought to myself, how will this end with this not leaving a million questions for myself. I was way wrong. Honestly this one flowed like a river so perfectly. Everyone got their ending I would say, even Vanessa the girl who really started it all! Vanessa is pushed past her limits in this one, I always found her very admirable, but this test took literally all she had with in he, it involved her, a box, her lovers, and well their mothers. I did not expect the ordeal to be what it was, I was amazed and how things went through I was shocked at times as well. It all leads to the conclusion though which blew my mind!

This book was literally packed with emotions and feelings as I read through. I had grown to love Vanessa, Grey, Aroz, and Raef! All were different and specials, but they are what made the series so darn good. It was their differences that shined but all were all connected whether they liked it or not! The book gave a whole lot! I was more than impressed and full of emotion. As we gather towards the conclusion and well a ending that can send shivers down your spine, it was just the way it was always meant to! I loved this book so much, the ending made this book as well as this series. I could not ask for a better ending, and everything I had concerns or questions how to sum something up, well it was! I was left just with a happy brain and heart and felt completely content upon reading! Amazing ending to a series!

I am sad to say good bye to my beloved friends and characters (for now as I will for sure be rereading this series over) I know that their stories all came to a close, and everything need the way it should be and well was always meant to me These characters made the series come to life so darn well, I enjoyed my moments with them, really them all! I am so happy I was able to come across this series, as it rocked my world, with Gods and all haha! I highly do recommend you reading this book as well as the series, and do read it in order, defiantly helps with the back story and what happened previously. I do say this is a must read for anyone, and a super high recommendation from me to you! Do not pass up this fantastic series!

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