The Confectioner’s Guild (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 1) by Claire Luana – Review by Maura Harper

The Confectioner's Guild (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 1)The Confectioner’s Guild by Claire Luana
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The Confectioner’s Guild (The Confectioner Chronicles Book 1) by Claire Luana is a book that I “one-clicked” as soon as I saw the pre-order button. I very much enjoy this author’s stories and was excited to read this.

The world building in this story was fascinating. There is a very distinct class structure and it was interesting to see what roles people played. This is a story of magic and sweet treats (seriously, I NEEDED cupcakes by the time I finished reading it). It’s the story of a “lost girl” finding her tribe. There is murder and mystery and new crushes. Besties and trusted friends and people who want to help while still others who do not. If this wasn’t YA, I think it could almost be classified as a “cozy mystery”. There is definitely a youthful innocence to some of the characters and a mean twist to others. This story reminded me of a fairy tale with a twist.

For some reason, I read Wren (the main protagonist) with Shirley Temple’s accent and her friend Olivia as the best friend/side-kick in The Little Princess (because this is a YA book, the likelihood that anyone is going to get that reference…). This is one of those books that I would recommend to my younger cousins as a series starter.

The story flowed well, was easy to read and kept me interested from beginning to end. After the series is over, I will absolutely be going back to read again.

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