The Jack (The Immortal Series Book 2) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Jack (The Immortal Series Book Two)The Jack by M.K. Harkins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Jack (The Immortal Series Book 2) M.K. Harkins is another example of why she is an excellent storyteller. I have read the first book, The Reader and really really enjoyed that one but this one went the extra mile. I loved all the angst and suspense, the action and all of the surprise twists and turns and lets not forget the romantic tension between our main characters. This story is enthralling and engaging and I was unable to put it down. Being the number one suspect and being separated from those he loves leaves Archer with conflicting feelings when faced between helping them or not. But is he really who they think he is? This story is well written and will take you on a ride to remember.

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