The Only One (The Brothers of Camelot Book 1) by Necie Navone – Review by Jenni Bishop

The Only One (Brothers of Camelot, #1)The Only One by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Only One (The Brothers of Camelot Book 1) by Necie Navone is a story that will blow you away and make you fall in love with these wonderful characters. Right from the start you are drawn in and find yourself wanting to be a part of their world. Necie is a talented writer and keeps the suspense flowing and emotions high. There are moments when tensions are so high I found myself on the edge of my seat. Other times I found myself laughing and thinking of good times. Overall this is a great start to the series and if the rest of the series is anything like this first book then Necie will have a winner for awards. Necie has written her heart and soul in these characters and the plot is spot on and fast paced but you are able to follow along without any problems. I need me some more of the Camelot Brothers. Well done Necie!

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