Bound by Blood (Crescent City Wolf Pack Series) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Anna Hirsch

Bound by Blood (Crescent City Wolf Pack, #3)Bound by Blood by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bound by Blood (Crescent City Wolf Pack Series) by Carrie Pulkinen
4 Stars

Let me just say that I love this series. The characters are well rounded and likeable. They have the same insecurities as we do, which makes them relatable. This is book three in the series and I suggest you read part one and two because they are just as amazing as this book. This story focuses on Bryce and Alexis. Bryce Samuels is a no nonsense homicide detective. He gets promoted to sergeant and becomes a negotiator. His dream of helping people is coming true. He has fallen for his ex-partner’s sister and when he finds her in the hospital beaten and bruised, he is hell bent on protecting her; if only she’d let him.

Alexis Gentry is trying to get away from her psychotic ex and doesn’t want Bryce to get caught in the crossfire. Though she doesn’t want to care for him, her Wolf has decided that Bryce is her mate. How can she be with a human that doesn’t know that the supernatural exists?

I’m so happy that the author wrote a book about these two. The chemistry is good and I think Bryce handled the situation very well. Eric was the perfect miscreant, psycho is definitely an understatement. This is an excellent drama filled, action packed paranormal story. A must read!

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