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Courage (The Sisterhood Series #2)Courage by Chelsi Arnold
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The Sisterhood Series
Book 2
By Chelsi Arnold
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
This is a full novel in the Sisterhood Series. A story of female Navy Seals, and their acts of courage and bravery.

Chelsi Arnold has taken this series to a higher level. In my opinion. Female Navy Seals is something I had not read in a book. I had always read about our boys in uniform. This is definitely a nice change. Women having strength, courage and bravery. Working beside the men, as equals. I love this series!!! Her story is believable and her characters are amazing. I will not give you any spoilers! As I have grand respect for this author and her sisters. It is just a story you will have to read, as I have. All the feels are there, laughter, crying and anger are just a few I had experienced. Well worth the read for sure. I am so ready for the next one in this series. Job well done Chelsi Arnold!

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