Felicity Found (Rogue Series Book #6) by Lara Ward Cosio – Review by Angela Hayes.

Felicity Found (Rogue Series Book 6)Felicity Found by Lara Ward Cosio
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Felicity Found is the sixth instalment in the Rogue Series by Lara Ward Cosio. The Rogue series is one of the best Rockstar romance series that I have ever read. These books are not your ‘typical’ Rockstar romances, there is so much more going on in each book. These are not sweet, fluffy reads, these books are so much deeper- somewhat raw, honest and gritty stories that pluck at your heart-strings and take you on a journey that will be hard to forget. I really think I’m drawn to the series not only by the authors superb writing skills- but also by the wonderful characters who are so easy to connect with.
Because Conor and Felicity’s story started back in book #2, ‘Playing at Love’, I really recommend reading that book at the very least- so you have all the backstory, details and information that it contains- as that will give you a greater understanding, and reading experience of this book. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, you are seriously missing out.
This book explores sensitive subjects, which are handled in an honest, realistic and insightful way. It took me on an emotional journey full of all the highs and lows I have come to expect from Ms. Ward Cosio. This is ‘life’ in its truest form, and Ms. Ward Cosio didn’t shy away from giving us a warts-and-all experience. This book touched me far more than I had been expecting, and my emotions certainly got a heavy work-out.
Although the topic could be considered as somewhat heavy reading, this story proves to be more uplifting and inspiring. There were scenes that made my heart ache, and there were quite a few tears along the way.
Having the characters from the previous books make appearances in this story was like revisiting old friends- and I loved catching up with them too.
I am really looking forward to Ms. Ward Cosio’s next book!

Thank you, Ms. Ward Cosio!


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