Hard as Steel: Book four (Surviving Series) by Virginia Wine – Review by Emily Walsh

Hard as Steel: Book four (Hard as Steel: Book four
ByVirginia Wine
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Hard as Steel: Book four (“Surviving Series”) by Virginia Wine was a intense, gripping read, that had me hooked.

My first read by this author and for this series, yes again I have not followed a series from the start, and I will say, that though this reads as a standalone, there was missing background info that made me feel like this was more of a connecting storyline, then a actual standalone. There seems to be overlapping characters that I lost out on, and there are some things I didn’t quite catch, so word to the wise, don’t be like me, start this series from the beginning.

Told in multi POV, we get many different voices and angles of this story. I do like the multi POV for these types of action/mysteries. It gives you a better sense of what’s going on, and when done right, adds to the tension and mystique. I will say that though this was very will done, the writing was a little, choppy and, I didn’t know at times whose voice I was reading. It was like a quick cut, done with no defined brake to let me know a POV had changed. A good fixed is to add the characters name at the top, or simply have a clear defined brake, like adding special characters, or a triple space between paragraphs.

Overall this book was quite the read. It had depth, and a strong multi layered plot that really drew you in. The added romance was a plus, but the mystery and the way the two MC’s come together really made this story shine. Warning, there is some feel kickers in here, so be prepared.

With that being said, I will leave you with my high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading.

-Review by @eawalsh

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