Healing Danger (Fortis Security #1) by Maddie Wade – Review by Emily Walsh

Healing Danger (Fortis Security #1)Healing Danger
ByMaddie Wade
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Healing Danger (Fortis Security #1) by Maddie Wade was a okay read that kept my attention and followed at a good pace.

I got some mixed feelings going on with this one. I have read one other book in this series, and I did have some mix feelings about that as well. I’m not going to get into that. This story, this tale, was unique to say the least. I liked the overall plot and I loved the paranormal element. It added a little something extra and also adds a darkened subplot, that will be the driving force of this series.

What got me all mixed up is the love plot and how it felt a little off and forced. For the first book in a series, it read more like a continuation, things felt missed, especially between Lauren and Dane. Yes they do have history before the start of this story, more along the lines of long-distance friends. Dane was deployed (I don’t know a few years back, before this story starts, not sure of that timeline) and Lauren wrote him, which I might add wasn’t mention by Lauren (that he was deployed), so at first I thought they were chatting over a work like network.. nope.. not the case; so that was a tab bit confusing at first. They why they were tossed together was, just, anticlimactic. Now don’t get me wrong there is plenty of action and drama in this book, just not in regards to the love plot. (Not talking about the smut scenes.)

As for the mystery, and the stalker that’s trying to off Lauren, that was interesting, engaging and great. I was fully immersed in that storyline, and it’s what kept me reading. It made up for the flatness of the loveline, and really brought this story to life. It also pulled this read into that 4 star spot. I was a little on the fence there. But I have to warn you, this story ends on a cliff-hanger. As in, the major who-ha, is cut and now I have to get the second book to see what the hell is going on.

So yeah, overall this book is a pretty decent read. I liked almost everything, and I will be continuing this series. So please take my stamp of approval, and my high recommendation.

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