Imperfect Heart (Combat Hearts Book 4) by Tarina Deaton – Review by Candida Hopper

Imperfect Heart (Combat Hearts Book 4)Imperfect Heart by Tarina Deaton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Imperfect Heart (Combat Hearts Book 4)
By Tarina Deaton
I have loved reading this series and this book is no different!! This author had become one of my favorites, I have truly enjoyed reading every story and have become invested in each of these wonderful characters. I am so glad to see that the characters from the other books make appearances in each story. Zoe and Tim’s story is heartwarming, hilarious and so much more. Zoe is a strong and independent woman who finds herself in embarrassing situations whenever her hot neighbor Tim is around. I found myself not only smiling but actually laughing out loud at times. They have both been hurt in the past and are apprehensive about having someone in their life. If you want to read an awesome romantic story and find out what happens between these two, this is a must read! I highly recommend this book and the entire series.

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