My Tragic Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel (My Life Series Book #2) by Necie Navone – Review by Angela Hayes

My Tragic Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel (My Life Series Book 2)My Tragic Life: Brothers of Camelot Prequel by Necie Navone
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My Tragic Life is a Brothers of Camelot series prequel and the second book in My Life series by Necie Navone. I love this series so much! It has everything you could want in a captivating read. There’s action, friendship, grief, loss, camaraderie, longing, suspense, emotion, playful teasing, funny banter, and a lot of drama- in this bloody and somewhat violent, coming of age story, with a twist. It really reminds me of “La Femme Nikita” in a lot of ways- which I also love about it. I think this series would make a brilliant television series or telemovie!!
After the riveting events in the last book I devoured this one in a matter of hours because I just HAD to know what happened next. This story picks up 9 months after the shocking event/s at her 15th birthday- and the action starts up pretty much right away. We get a lot more of Aless’s thrilling story- and I. LOVED. EVERY. MINUTE.
To recap what’s happened in the previous book- Alessandra Canzano was born into an Italian crime family, the only child of the powerful and ruthless Capo (boss). She is their Princess, treated as royalty and living a fairytale life- until her sixth birthday where gunmen attack, wounding her and changing her life forever.
Her father had big plans for her, but after the events on her sixth birthday, he becomes even more controlling and obsessive. Alessandra’s beloved Uncle Louie was tasked with training her- so from the age of six she learnt hand to hand combat, and at eight she began weapons training- and she was to tell no one of her training, or the reasons behind it- keeping that part of her life hidden from her other family, and friends.
Here, Aless has kept up with her training and is now a formidable fighter, proficient in both weaponry, as well as hand to hand combat. The events of the last book have strained her relationship with her father and she doesn’t think they will ever recover what they once had. But when danger threatens those she cares about, Aless is forced to embrace her training in order to keep them all safe. What ensues makes for some really exciting, emotional, and gripping reading. But Aless never wanted this life, she dreams of a normal life, free from her gilded cage. She’s determined to find a way to make this happen. Aless seems so mature for her age, I had to keep reminding myself that she was only a teenager (as we follow her story from ages 15, 16 and 17).
As I’ve said before, Ms. Navone is a wonderful wordsmith, weaving a superb story that plucked at my heart strings, and had me on the edge of my seat. She brought the story and characters to life, easily pulling me into her world and keeping me enthralled right through till the end. The story is told from several POV’s which gave the story an extra element of interest.
Just Superb!

Thank you, Ms Navone!


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