Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams #3) by Abbie Roads ~ Review by Liz Vrchota

Never Let Me Fall (Fatal Dreams, #3)Never Let Me Fall by Abbie Roads
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Abbie Roads has done it again. I am left breathless after Never Let Me Fall, book three in the Fatal Dreams series. Don’t panic if you haven’t read the first two, this can be read as a standalone novel. I would recommend that you read them as soon as you can if you have not because they are equally breathtaking.

Let me just start with the gorgeous cover. Not only eye catching but beyond fitting and makes perfect sense once you read the novel. If I hadn’t read anything by Abbie Roads before I would have picked this up without even reading the synopsis.

Helena, I just loved her. She was a strong woman because she had to be. After being convicted of a murder that she didn’t commit as a teenager she spent years in a women’s prison. Brutal beatings has left her scarred both physically and mentally, and with a lot of healing needed by the time her release date comes.

Thomas had his own fair share of scars. When the two meet on the night Helena gets released from the facility there is an instant connection between the two. Both of them are so broken, but in different ways. Could they each have the pieces that could heal the other?

I just adored the way this book came alive off the pages. Abbie Roads has the ability to paint a scene with her words and make you feel as if you are right there with the characters. Each time I finish one of her novels I feel a great hangover and this one was no different. I can’t wait to see what will come next! Thanks for the great read!

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