Neverland by Melissa Jane – Review by Krystal Gaston

NeverlandNeverland by Melissa Jane
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Neverland but Melissa Jane I will start with this is such a good, addicting, and somewhat of a dark read. Neverland starts out sad but Lucy has such a strong will to not only live but survive, she never gives up and that keeps her going so much longer than most. Through the story you get flashbacks to when she was younger and first met Dominic and her friendship with Romeo. The story is told mainly from Lucy’s point of view, and you feel so bad for her, one can only endure so much. I read this story in one day I both loved and hated it, I was dreading the end though because there was so many ways it could go. I was not disappointed with the ending the story went out with a bang. Literally. I am looking forward to reading some more or Melissa Jane’s books.

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Review by Krystalgaston

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