Once Upon a Romance (A Dream Come True Book 1) by Alex Bailey – Review by Lisa Helmick

Once Upon a Romance (A Dream Come True Book 1)Once Upon a Romance by Alex Bailey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Once Upon a Romance(A Dream Come True Book 1)
By Alex Bailey
Rated 5 stars!

First off I LOVE the cover! Very holiday and Disney-ish. A Perfect Mesh! It drew me to this and after reading the synopsis I grabbed it. The story just appealed to me. A WDW fan and the love of family. Both are Win-Wins for me. One of my favorite things is how the magic of Christmas mixes with the magic of Disney.

The characters were well thought out and grew over the story. I enjoyed how grumpy and grouchy Sophie was at the beginning. She off-set Ariel’s nice attitude. Ariel was a sweetheart and a little matchmaker. The families and that one “special guy” were full of fun and happiness as well. Even the crazy characters they run across on their trip were lots of fun. They were all a great addition to the story.

I loved all the Disney themed comments, actions and fun. The rides and the lines as well as their days planned throughout each park. I really felt like I took this adventure along with them. So Fun!

This book will appeal to Disney fans and all of those who believe in a little magic. A wonderful story of learning to get over loss while opening yourself up to new possibilities. There are so many reasons to love this book.

I enjoyed reading the acknowledgments and was surprised at all the different Disney websites that were listed. I plan to keep them for reference for my next trip.

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