Silk Road: Code Raven 6 by Lynda Filler – Review by Debi Kircher

SILK ROAD (Code Raven, #6)SILK ROAD by Lynda Filler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Silk Road: Code Raven 6 by Lynda Filler

5 Stars

Well I’m not sure how it happened but I skipped a few books in this series and I’m not happy about that. I love this series, I love the storylines in each of the books and the writing of these stories is simply spot on.

I have become fully invested in these characters and The Raven Group and each part has me falling harder for many of them. We got to meet a few new ones in this installment and many were new to me because as I said I’ve skipped ahead quite a bit. I find myself working right alongside these people during these dangerous missions and am wore out by the time I’m done reading. I love Luke and Luci and love how their story continues to play out yet never really gets resolved. I have to say this one is my favorite so far but I reserve the right to change my mind as I get caught up, and I will get caught up, and I highly recommend this series, but don’t do what I did, read them all in order, they all just seem to build on each other and I hope this series goes on for awhile because I absolutely love reading this author’s work, she has a way with her words and I know when I pick a book up I need to be prepared to be worthless till Im completely finished.

Loved It!!

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