The Changeup (A Resort Romance Novel Book 6) by Mary Billiter – Review by Elizabeth Sanchez

The Changeup (Resort Romance #6)The Changeup by Mary Billiter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Changeup is by Mary Billiter is advertised as A Resort Romance Novel Book 6. Its the first book I have read, and since I enjoyed it, I have looked for other books in the series. I cannot find them, so I cant speak to them, but I give this book a 4 star. I really enjoyed it, it had a good mix of drama, suspense and romance. I would read more books by the author, and hope to find the rest of this series. Rebel and Ryan at first glance should never work out, but they develop an instant relationship and must quickly learn how to trust each other, when there is so much at risk.
Rebel is in Witness Protection and has just been relocated to ensure her safety, while awaiting trial. Her entire life has been turned upside down after discovering, and reporting a crime. She was forced to change her name, job and location. At least the newest location is at a swanky resort, in Long Beach. Never mind the fact she is still working in the basement.
Ryan is a former baseball player that didn’t make it to the big leagues He is now in training to become a sheriff deputy. He has memorized the handbook, and knows all the rules. But that may not be enough, when he stumbles across a dead body. Despite being an official cop, he finds himself in the middle of solving a murder mystery.

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